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CanWEA– Promoting
wind energy in Canada
The Canadian Wind Energy Associa-
tion (CanWEA) is a non-profit trade
association that “promotes the appropri-
ate development and application of all
aspects of wind energy in Canada,”
including advocating for an adequate
policy environment.
CanWEA was established in 1984, and
represents the wind energy community.
This community includes organizations
and individuals who are directly involved
in the development and application of
wind energy technology, products and
“Our members are Canada’s wind
energy leaders. They are wind energy
owners, operators, manufacturers, project
developers, consultants, and service
providers, and other organizations and
individuals interested in supporting
Canada’s wind energy industry,” the
organization’s website says.
WindVision 2025: Powering Canada’s
CanWEA is leading the charge towards
developing wind power in Canada.
According to tge WindVision 2025 report
presented by CanWEA, the development
of wind power has rapidly increased in
the last few years. According to the
report, “in the five years between 2003
and 2008, Canada’s total installed wind
energy capacity grew by more than 500
percent, from 322 MW to 1,876 MW.”
However, Canada still has a way to go.
Therefore, CanWEA has a mandate, a
vision for 2025: “CanWEA believes wind
energy can satisfy 20 percent of Canada’s
electricity demand by 2025. Achieving
this vision will pay huge dividends:
• Generating $79 billion of investment that will
make Canada’s wind energy sector a real player
in a $1.8 trillion global wind industry
• Creating at least 52,000 high quality, full -
time jobs including many in rural communities
• Producing $165 million in new annual
revenues for municipalities
• Adding 55,000 MW of clean generating
capacity that will strengthen our electrical grids
and head off potential power shortages
• Stabilizing electricity prices
• Cutting Canada’s annual greenhouse gas
emissions by 17 Megatonnes
To make WindVision 2025 a reality,
CanWEA is calling on the federal and
provincial governments to establish policies
and programs addressing these five
• Providing fair value for the environmental
attributes of wind energy
• Enhancing wind energy procurement
• Providing incentives to manufacturers of wind
power equipment
• Planning and building ‘wind-friendly’
transmission infrastructure
• Streamlining permitting and approval
processes for wind energy projects.”
CanWEA is the voice of the wind
energy industry, actively promoting the
responsible and sustainable growth of
wind power throughout Canada. “We
serve as Canada’s leading source of
credible information about wind energy
and its social, economic and environmen-
tal benefits and effects.“
CanWEA is a national, not-for-profit
association that works on behalf of
members to facilitate and promote the
responsible and sustainable growth of
wind energy in Canada. Wind energy is
an important part of Canada’s energy
future, creating new investment and jobs
in Canadian communities while also
contributing to a cleaner environment for
future generations. Established in 1984,
CanWEA undertakes policy development
and advocacy with different levels of
government, implements a broad range of
communications and outreach activities
and provides educational and networking
opportunities for all stakeholders.
To find out more about WindVision
2025, download the report: