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EE Solar was founded in 1979 as
Alternative Energy Engineering
by David Katz. Katz began with a goal
of “bringing renewable, non-polluting
power to homes and businesses” in the
northern California coastal redwood
region. According to the AEE website,
the company’s vision and scope have
continually expanded, along with the
the growth of the renewable energy
industry worldwide.
The company says:
“Today we sell exclusively wholesale,
shipping reliable, proven products and
providing expert technical support to
renewable energy resellers, contractors,
integrators and installers in North America
and around the world. We also sell to RV,
marine and other specialty dealers; many
types of OEMs (original equipment
manufacturers); and industrial and govern-
ment remote power users.”
AEE provides the equipment necessary
to “design, install, upgrade and maintain
renewable energy power systems.” The
company offers solar, wind and micro-
hydroelectric systems and equipment
including parts that are difficult to locate in
the industry. “We continually search the
world over to bring our customers items
and prices that no other distributor can
match,” the company says.
AEE offers expertise in remote power
use, which is ideal for government and
industrial applications. The company says
that it can offer “system reliability and
timely tech support” for these systems. The
company has helped hundreds of industrial
and government customers design custom-
engineered remote power solutions.
The company says: “PV power is the
perfect solution for the remote energy needs
of the oil and gas industry. These systems
are deployed worldwide, delivering reliable
electric power for telemetry and SCADA,
offshore platforms, monitoring and cathodic
AEE Solar Named Premier Distribu-
tor for OutBack Power
OutBack Power Technologies, Inc.
named AEE Solar as a member of their
exclusive Premier Distributor Program
on November 7. OutBack’s Premier
Distributors earn their status based
upon showing their commitment to
the solar industry and to the OutBack
product line. Additional criteria for
Premier Distributors include such
criteria as their breadth of product
offering, their wide geographic sales
coverage, their significant stock of
products and their commitment to
employee training on OutBack
products to allow them to provide
excellent customer support
AEE Solar:
Comprehensive solar
solutions, broad-
based appl ications