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About the Atlantic
Provinces Chambers
of Commerce
The Atlant ic Provinces
Chambers of Commerce
(APCC), formerly the
Marit ime Board of Trade,
was formed in 1896. It
has been championing
the cause of business in
Atlant ic Canada for in
excess of a century, and
cont inues to promote
and suppor t business
and economic develop-
ment in Atlant ic Canada.
It was in 1974, when the Newfoundland & Labrador Chamber of
Commerce (NLCC) joined the Maritime Board, that today’s Atlantic
Provinces Chambers of Commerce came into being. In 1985, provincial
chambers in New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, and Prince
Edward Island were formed to support the chamber’s work in policy and
government regulations.
Today, the four provincial chambers and the regional APCC operate
under a common set of by-laws and serve as a federation of over 100 local
chambers of commerce and boards of trade throughout Atlantic Canada,
representing more than 16,000 businesses and professional people.
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