Page 4-5 - GRO_Winter_2012

is a New Year, full of possibilities for the fu-
ture--in renewable energy and otherwise.
You will notice that our format has changed, GRO
will now take on a quarterly release schedule to
accommodate a new editorial calendar.
We are always looking for the newest develop-
ments in every type of renewable energy, includ-
ing solar, wind, water, and also try to bring you
the latest in new sustainable product develop-
ment. Please keep us informed of your product
updates, this issue we feature products from
DIRTT and Renewaste, and focus in on solar and
Visit our sister publication Canadian Industry to
find out more about Canadian companies doing
innovative things in energy, and of course, check
us out on Facebook!
Have a great 2013, and see you next issue.
I can be reached at sara.kopamees@industryme- 
Sara Kopamees
Editor in Chief