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DIRTT, headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, has redefined the way that businesses build interior spaces. The company has been creating “interior solutions” for over a decade, changing the way their clients view interior design.


For over 30 years, Lively, Ontario-based Laari Construction has been a leader in the Northern Ontario construction industry. The company was co-founded by Sulo Laari and Aki Tarvudd in 1979, and has earned a reputation for thinking “outside the box” and delivering excellent results on every project.


With the unpredictable nature of Canada’s construction industry, it’s easy to understand why some up-and-comers just can’t hack it in the business. However, the smart companies recognize early that diversifying is the key to success.


The Price Landscaping Services tagline is “your landscape dream: our passion.” Talk to the company’s owners, and it becomes very clear just how passionate this company is about your surroundings.


MTS Environmental is solely focused on bettering the biodigestive systems in the natural environment. The company has spent its tenure developing 100 per cent natural, innovative solutions for agriculture, municipal, residential, recreational and industrial organic waste and water environmental issues. The company attests that its “products restore a natural balance of microbial life, activating the natural biodigestion system to eliminate the cause and symptoms.”

Sky Mining

SkyMining is a leading and innovative provider of economic renewable energy solutions for remote industry, regional communities, and commercial buildings.  The company is focused on helping regional and rural Australian mines, farms, businesses and communities to take advantage of their abundant natural solar resource


In 2003, Australian Michael Humphreys started the Apricus Solar Company, at the outset of what would become a huge push towards renewable energy development. In 2005, Apricus Australia was launched under the guidance of Chris Taylor, whom GRO had the pleasure of speaking with to learn more about Apricus’ technology and progress—as the competition rises for solar hot water products around the world.


The year 2011 was a remarkable one for renewable energy in Canada. As hardship and crises plagued many of the world’s economies, a town in Nova Scotia celebrated the renewal of a manufacturing legacy that would spark national attention.


Under the broad scope of waste management services, one company in Yellowknife, NWT, has learned how to take environmental waste management expertise to the next level. KBL Environmental, a company with firm northern Canadian roots, truly does it best for customers in the mining, oil and gas, government, industrial and commercial sectors.


Ecotex has a motto—to “create raving fans” of customers. The company has been providing laundry and linen management services to hospitals, ambulatory care centers and medical facilities for more than 30 years, and in that time Ecotex has proven that the trust of their clients is built, not won.


The co-founder and CEO of Urban Green Energy (UGE), Nick Blitterswyck, grew up with the great Canadian outdoors in his DNA. On Vancouver Island, where his parents were the caretakers of a nature reserve, he discovered his passion for preserving the awe-inspiring beauty of our earth.


Whether for water, land or wind, AXYS Technologies focuses on tailoring its products to suit the requirements of its clients. These needs can cover a range of environmental areas, including marine technologies, hydrological applications and wind monitoring systems.


REDRIVEN POWER INC. was founded in Ontario in September 2007, and the company has seen its fair share of challenges. However, armed with a knowledgeable and growing staff, the company has stuck to its purpose of “supplying people with the knowledge and tools necessary to generate ecologically friendly electricity through the use of wind turbines.” - view here


THE HYBRIDYNE STORY began with two friends sitting at a restaurant discussing the future. Thomas Cleland and Les Mac were both veterans of the technology industry, Cleland being involved in several leading edge technology and power quality companies over the years, and Mac having many years in high availability power in the data center and power quality industry behind him. The two enterprising friends met in 1999, when Mac was a client of Cleland’s. - view here


DYESOL, A WORLD leader in Dye Solar Cell (DSC) technology, was formed in 2004 in order to commercialize DSC technology that was being developed by STI, Greatcell Solar and EPFL. Since its early days, the technology has been integrated into a range of commercial product solutions, and Dyesol looks to expand DSC’s potential. view here

Green Sun Rising

GREEN SUN RISING Inc., based in Windsor Ontario, has done something that most companies can only dream of: run a successful enterprise while educating the public about the reasons to care about renewable energy—and the company is thriving in both capacities. - view here

Fortune CP

SINCE 2003, FORTUNE CP has built its reputation on offering sophisticated products for the renewable energy industries in Europe, North America, Africa and Asia. The company is based in the UK and is primarily focused on the provision of solutions in solar, wind and bio-fuels. - view here


VERGNET EOLIEN, THE only French manufacturer of wind turbines, boasts over 20 years’ experience around the world in renewable energy development. Historically, the company’s primary business has been supplying water to rural areas, but like a true pioneer, Vergnet has continued to adapt to changing markets and has evolved to offer “original, pragmatic technologies adapted to their environment,” including growing the wind business. - view here


BESTECH was created to address the industrial market’s needs for a system integration and industrial automation group of professionals. That group of professionals has helped the company to grow to be a recognized leader in the industrial automation market, and based on BESTECH’s advanced line of products and commitment to service, the company should see the same success for many years to come. - view here

Bishop Water

While it is not necessarily a glamorous industry, waste water treatment is certainly a critical one. Bishop Water Technologies,located in Eganville, Ontario, has been a “sludge innovation company” since 1992. Originally an offshoot of Bishop Aquatic Technologies,this Canadian technology-focused company has one mission: to develop simple, cost-effective environmental solutions. - view here

ABB Ber-Mac

Starting life as Ber-Mac Electrical and Instrumentation, the company has been supplying electrical and instrumentation services, equipment and devices, both domestically and to international markets since 1980. view here

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